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BAYWATCH STORY: This comic adaptation of the 90’s beach-set TV series revolves around an elite lifeguard crew, headed by Mitch Buchannon (Dwayne Johnson), who must stick together to keep their shores clean and secure from baddie Victoria Leeds (Priyanka Chopra).

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And finally, for fans of the original, this one’s no ogle fest either. This ‘baewatch’ ceases to be a treat for the eyes the minute you see Zac Efron dressed in drag and launching a ‘vomit comet’ every time he slips into the swimming pool. Times Review Readmore

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Unsurprisingly, the CBFC has murdered Baywatch. Scenes that you saw in the trailer end abruptly. There is virtually no swearing. Visual gags have been hacked to bits. They’ve tied a gag around the film’s mouth and pushed it into the ocean to drown. There’s no telling just how badly it ruins the film, but it most definitely destroys the experience. Readmore HindustanTimes Review

I suggest you avoid this moist mess. The reason the Baywatch series became such a sensation - only outside of the United States, mind you - was that for many countries, this was one of the hottest things we could watch while pretending there was a plot in there somewhere. This was a time before the internet, or at least before the World Wide Web allowed us to download images fast enough. "I'll be there," as Hasselhoff sang during those unforgettable opening credits, was a promise that Baywatch would bring us sun and skimpiness and spunk. Now it feels like a threat. Readmore NDTV Review