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Cars 3 is very much a tale of mentorship, of learning how to give up your ego in order to bolster someone else’s. As such, it’s touching in a pleasingly formulaic, pass-the-torch way. It turns out to be a girl-power movie: Cruz Ramirez is a trainer because she never believed in herself as a racer, and it’s up to Lightning to set her straight.Readmore @ Independent

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The result is inspiring, which isn't something you associate with this series. It's enough to not feel bile rising in your throat watching a Cars movie; the lump you get there instead as the spotlight is ceded to the next generation is a bonus. Readmore @ RollingStone

Cars 3 didn’t succeed on the comedy front, but it more than made up for it with things to look forward to.
Because Cars 3 is both the end of an era and the beginning of a promising future, all wrapped up in an enjoyable, but messy 90-minute film. Readmore @ Polygon


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