Transformers: The Last Knight - Movie Review - Hollywood Scientific

Action Rating: 5/10

The action itself is always big, bold, and meticulously choreographed, sometimes providing even more sense of continuity of shots (particularly the transformations and movements of the robots and their component parts) than in some of the earlier films. At breakneck pace we ride from sequence to sequence, and if you attend the Transformers films primarily for the terrific action scenes then you get more of them and on an ever-growing scale here. Readmore @ Forbes

Fans of the franchise will likely cheer over its final 40 minutes, which are one long action sequence featuring a barrage of battle bots. But people looking for some bang for their buck would be hard-pressed to do better, as Bay offers more bangs, bells, whistles and bonkers moments than any filmmaker working today. Story-wise, the movie is a mess. Readmore @ CBR

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