Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017) - Full Movie Review - Zendaya, Holland - Watch Online

Spider-Man: Homecoming's biggest achievement is that it makes you forget it's the third different Spider-Man – and second reboot – in less than 20 years. Readmore @ DigitalSpy

Peter initially calls the female voice "Suit Lady," and she ruins things in a variety of ways. Not only does she introduce this character to the kind of baloney normally reserved for spy or sci-fi movies — as when she somehow calculates exactly how long an elevator's damaged cable will hold before sending Peter's friends to their doom — but she introduces a multiple-choice element that distracts from the usual webslinging fun. Readmore @ HollywoodReporter

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A sequel that raises the stakes further is going to be a challenge, given the local feel of this one. But for right here, right now, the webslinger is back on form. Readmore @ denofgeek