The Glass Castle #2017 - Movie Review - Brie Larson, Naomi, Sarah - Hollywood Drama

A. Score: 6/10


Brie Larson as Jeanette Walls
Woody Harrelson as Rex Walls
Naomi Watts as Rose Mary Walls
Sarah Snook as Lori Wells
Max Greenfield as David

Directed By: Destin Daniel Cretton
Written By: Destin Daniel Cretton, Andrew Lanham

The Glass Castle has an affecting real-life story and a hard-working cast in its corner, but they aren't enough to outweigh a fundamentally misguided approach to the material.

Chronicling the adventures of an eccentric, resilient and tight-knit family, THE GLASS CASTLE is a remarkable story of unconditional love. Oscar (R) winner Brie Larson brings Jeannette Walls's best-selling memoir to life as a young woman who, influenced by the joyfully wild nature of her deeply dysfunctional father (Woody Harrelson), found the fiery determination to carve out a successful life on her own terms.

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Based on an unsparing, unprettified 2005 family memoir by former gossip columnist Jeanette Walls, The Glass Castle arrives on the big screen slicked up and eager to sooth when it should be ready to rumble. Walls pulled no punches on the page, using her own childhood to build a microcosm of poverty in America and what it does to children. She and her three siblings had to shit in a bucket and get by without heat, electricity and plumbing. Readmore

A life contains a lot of stories, and a successful film about a life carefully chooses which ones to tell and in what proportions. Cretton fumbles at that calculus. The Glass Castle is a slapdash construction, all shards crudely fused together. I haven’t yet mentioned that Naomi Watts is in the movie, playing Jeannette’s long-suffering, long-enabling mother, Rose. Perhaps that’s because the movie almost forgets she exists. There’s a fascinating dimension to explore, a woman who’s both victim and agent of abuse, who stands by her man even as he leads her and her children into catastrophe after catastrophe. Readmore