THE NUT JOB 2: NUTTY BY NATURE #2017) - Good Animation Movie - No Satisfaction


Will Arnett as Surly
Katherine Heigl as Andie
Maya Rudolph as Precious
Jackie Chan as Mr. Feng
Sebastian Maniscalco as Johnny
Jeff Dunham as Mole

A.Score: 5/10

Genre: Animation, Comedy, Kids & Family
Directed By: Cal Brunker
Written By: Cal Brunker, Bob Barlen, Scott Bindley

The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature may be a slight improvement over its predecessor, but its frantic animated antics still offer minimal entertainment to all but the least discriminating viewers.

When their abandoned-nut-store home is destroyed, cunning squirrel Surly (Will Arnett) and his motley crew of friends have to return to their park home. But soon they learn that their sanctuary is under threat from the town’s corrupt, greedy mayor (Bobby Moynihan). Readmore

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Turns out, greed is great when you’re living high on the hog (or the nut), but not so hot when you’re the little guy getting pushed down. Enter the resistance chapter of “The Nut Job”s unwavering interest in delivering political discourse in a kid-friendly package, as Surly and his pals start a riot in the hopes of shutting down the creation of so-called “Liberty Land,” including sabotaging heavy equipment, roughing up construction workers, and making it clear that they’re not leaving their place of residence so that a portly politician can benefit from its natural splendor. That’s the first twenty or so minutes. Readmore

Inventive and vibrant action sequences boasting exceptional 3-D effects and inspired voice casting (including Jackie Chan as a warrior mouse and Peter Stormare as a deranged exterminator) help to elevate this to something better than vaporous. Readmore